Digital Learning Academy Quarter 3 Enrollment is open until December 11, 2020 (5:00 PM close). Any student that wants to participate in the Academy for Quarter 3 must register by 5:00PM on Friday 12/11/2020. Students that are currently enrolled and want to continue with off-campus instruction through the Academy must re-enroll. 

If you plan for your student to return to on-campus instruction, Quarter 3 starts January 4, 2021 (full day of instruction). There is no need to contact the school and let them know that you plan to return your student to on-campus instruction. 

Digital Learning Academy students must: 

  • complete all assignments each day for all classes
  • maintain a passing average grade. In grade 3-12 that would be a minimum of 70
    • grades K-2 students must maintain a minimum of 70 on Mastery Connect weekly assessments
  • submit the work in an appropriate manner/ per the teacher’s request
  • allow the teacher time to respond to questions
  • have reliable internet access at home and a device (laptop with keyboard preferred) to access online resources

Registration Link: 
Digital Learning Academy Information: