COVID: District Update 4

Thank you for a great first week of learning for all students at GCSSD. Due to the number of COVID-19 cases not declining as rapidly as we had hoped, we are adjusting enrollment for the Digital Learning Academy. Enrollment for the Digital Learning Academy will always remain open allowing a student to transition into the Academy at any time. If you would like to transition your student to the Academy, email the Director of Schools, Eddie Pruett ( with the required information below. Once approved, your student will continue in-person instruction until the student’s teacher or principal alerts them that it is time to transition. From that point forward, the student will remain as a Digital Learning Academy student for the remainder of the 9 weeks. All Digital Learning Academy students will re-register each 9 weeks. As a reminder, GCSSD feels that on-campus learning is best for all students but we understand that you, as a guardian, know which learning environment is best for your student and family.

If you choose to transition your student, you must: 

  • Have reliable internet connection. 
  • Your own personal device (with keyboard). 
  • Email Eddie Pruett at with the student name, grade, and school.